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In Memory of Seth Gottesmann (1977 - 2008)

On December 23, 2008, the North American Football League lost a treasured administrator, member and friend when Seth Aaron Gottesmann, known in the community as "gottimd," passed away suddenly at his home in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

When the league began operation in late October of 2004, Seth was one of the first to join, taking over his favorite team, the New Orleans Saints. An enthusiastic addition from the very start, he offered numerous ideas to improve the league, assisted members who were still learning the game and brightened discussions with his wonderful wit and optimism. Before the first season even started simulations, Seth was taking on projects to bolster the immersion level for all. It was immediately apparent that his presence would be irreplaceable.

As the infant NAFL stumbled to find its place in the Front Office Football multiplayer environment, Seth was determined to add unique league elements at every opportunity. He utilized his knowledge of spreadsheets to develop a number of amazing reports, bringing the mundane statistics to life beyond the game. Before long, he had created quite an impressive stable of utilities and extras, among them a transaction and injury database, a league leaders database, a detailed standings report, a financial/cap chart, a yearly team stats comparison and many, many more. Seth's contributions and the dedication with which he approached them were singularly responsible for the success of the North Amerian Football League.

But these analytical additions were only a fraction of his impact. While many league members preferred to simply participate on a limited basis, Seth made the NAFL one of his priorities. He developed a forum persona known as "Deano" for the purpose of league commentary and game prediction. He wrote press about his own team, showing that his incredible creativity knew no bounds. His constant desire to improve the league in any way possible was evident in everything he did. And he was an obvious choice to join the league administration as a Co-Commissioner.

Seth's league additions gathered attention throughout the community, and opportunities arose for him to join other multiplayer leagues. He declined those invitations, preferring to devote his time and energy only to the NAFL. And the NAFL was eternally fortunate for that.

As a league, we lost ourselves in the details and information Seth was able to extract from the game. We marveled at the depth of the experience he provided. But far more than any of his creations, the NAFL simply treasured Seth. His determination was infectious, his clever sense of humor able to make all of us smile from behind monitors hundreds of miles away.

Though we never met him in person, Seth had a profound impact on each and every member of the North American Football League. In so many ways, he was our heart and our soul. We will always treasure the memories of our cherished friend Seth Gottesmann, and his remarkable spirit will forever be our inspiration.

The NAFL misses you so dearly, "gottimd"... Rest in peace.

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