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Dear Seth...

"Nothing is ever going to be the same without him, and that's going to be extremely hard for me. Everything from draft discussions and live sims to post-sim comments and trade talks will seem emptier for a while, a long while. But we'll go on nonetheless... because that's what he would've wanted. This league meant more to him than to any of us, I think, and it showed in his dedication. You could almost always find gottimd on the board, and I hope he's able to log on from the great unknown from time to time to check out the news on his beloved Saints. Like many of you, I wish I had some wise and poetic words to give this shocking, grossly unfair event some sort of meaning. I don't. But I know this much. I'm a better person for having known Seth Gottesmann." (Cuckoo - 1/12/09)

"Seth was always concerned with making the NAFL better in any way possible. Whether he was working on new reports or just maintaining his current ones, he always lobbied for any input from anybody willing to do so. And when we were silent, he'd still find another angle to cover and, voila, we were presented with yet another shiny, new way to look at the league. I, for one, think we OWE it to Seth to push on and continue to make this league the best that it can be...and without Seth...that is going to be a tough challenge, one that I think we absolutely should embrace wholeheartedly." (johnnyshaka - 1/12/09)

"I'm sure all of us would walk away in a blink if it would change what has happened, but it won't. Things won't be the same, but I'm sure in time we will learn to enjoy the NAFL again. Its hard to be positive at times like this, but what I will remember most fondly is his infectious enthusiasm and upbeat humour when he was on these boards." (Hammer - 1/12/09)

"I don't think I've come to terms with gottimd's passing - I honestly didn't think something like that would effect me so much and I've considered leaving the league even if you dedided to keep it going. I don't know if gottimd would consider me his friend but he was far and away my favourite person in any league I've been involved in. I know the league meant a lot to him so I feel I owe it to him to continue. I don't have the words to say what others have already expressed far better than I can but I feel the same way." (Narcizo - 1/13/09)

"The first thing I really noticed about Seth going all the way back to seeing his posts on FOFC before I even joined the NAFL was that he would really sell out for a joke. He wasn't afraid to get pretty silly. We all know it didn't take much of an excuse for those pants to come off. As far as the second thing, I knew he was a really enthusiastic guy and a hard worker just based on the stuff he did for the league, but when everything went down with his wife's pregnancy I saw the real depth of Seth's energy. I couldn't believe the story about him in the hospital room going Tony Robbins to keep his wife's chin up. Whenever he left the room she would start to fall apart a little bit and let the negative thoughts creep in. He'd have to get back in there to lift her back up. And they kept at that for several days with no sleep.

I said it at the time - I was pretty seriously in awe of that. The sheer level of energy alone is impressive, but to have that much perspective and patience to keep a positive attitude in what is pretty literally a nightmare is just unreal to me. Having mostly known the pantsless side up until that point, I was just blown away. It really made me think about who I want to be if and when I face those kinds of things in my life."
(timmynausea - 1/13/09)

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