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Seth Gottesmann Once Said...

I am only in this league. I've nabbed a championship here.

My title is "My lord" or "Sir".

Hey can anyone else hear that.....sounds kind of faint....like a toilet flushing???? Oh wait a minute, thats just me, its my teams season that I am hearing.

Sorry to ask so many questions (aka Jbmagic) but does the system generate an auto email when it is your turn to pick. Like what happens if everyone has it on auto pick immediately and I don't, and I wake up at 7am, make my pick, it rolls through everybody elses in a matter of minutes, and little do I know it is my pick in 3 minutes. I guess I could set my preferences so it picks who I want? Did I just answer my own question? Is anybody else in here? Hello.....(echo)

My hobby is FOF, in particular the NAFL. I need my daily fix or I shake like a junkie.

I also find it good to answer the usual interview question of "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" with one of a few different answers:

1. "Your Boss, Bitch!"
2. "CEO of the Damn Company"
3. "In your bedroom sleeping with your wife."

You could use a combo of the three.

Welcome to the League....unfortunately I will not be giving you a victory this year, as I do not play you.

Thanks to all the GM's for your help...I got it to work, now I can be more unproductive at work again!!!

That is Ape Poopy. It makes it almost impossible for a player to come back with any talent at all. I didn't realize the healing process for a Torn ACL includes a full labotomy.

Come on...go punter as 1.1!! All the cool kids are doing it.

Never trust an Eagles fan opinion, recollections, "remembers" and/or suggestions...EVER!

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