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Player of the Year

Three professional seasons = 3 All-Pro nods, a Rookie of the Year Award and 2 League MVP selections. Not too shabby of a start for Auburn product Malachi Frieswyk, the 6th overall pick in 2043. In 2045, the Washington back rushed for 2150 and 17 TDs, and he had another 6 TD receptions. ...more

Player of the Year

He made 2nd team All-Pro in 2043, but 2045 was truly a breakout year for Jets linebacker J.C. Sawyer. The former 21st overall pick finished the seeason with 142 solo tackles, 7.5 sacks and 3 interceptions. ...more

Coach of the Year

Alonzo Richmond


Legend of the Game

Ernie Sims

A Multiplayer League for the PC Simulation Game Front Office Football

The Best of the Best

NAFL Hall of Fame - In 2004, Week 1 of the newly-christened North American Football League, the stars were already shining. Tom Brady led the Patriots past an AFC East rival, Peyton Manning threw for over 500 yards for the Colts, Steven Jackson had a nice day as the Rams won easily... Now with more than twenty seasons in our past and spectacular performances each and every day, the NAFL has a legacy of greatness, elite players, coaches and general managers who have shaped the course of football history. They are more than just names on a box score; they are our memories of gridiron glory. Here, we honor those influential few, the Best of the Best in NAFL history.

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