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Player of the Year

For the 1st time in NAFL history, this award is different than the MVP. While Denver's dynamic RB Pete Sutton took home MVP honors, Baltimore's equally impressive Kendall Ducrot is OPOY after rushing for 1865 yards and 18 TDs. ...more

Player of the Year

Jake Coffey was Rookie of the Year back in 2023 with Seattle, and he's been to the Pro-Bowl a few times. But never has he had a season like this when it comes to pressuring the QB. The Denver LB notched 56 tackles and a career-high 16.5 sacks. ...more

Coach of the Year

Rich Henson


Legend of the Game

Duane Sterritt

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The Best of the Best

NAFL Hall of Fame - In 2004, Week 1 of the newly-christened North American Football League, the stars were already shining. Tom Brady led the Patriots past an AFC East rival, Peyton Manning threw for over 500 yards for the Colts, Steven Jackson had a nice day as the Rams won easily... Now with more than twenty seasons in our past and spectacular performances each and every day, the NAFL has a legacy of greatness, elite players, coaches and general managers who have shaped the course of football history. They are more than just names on a box score; they are our memories of gridiron glory. Here, we honor those influential few, the Best of the Best in NAFL history.

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